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"In this beautiful journey of life, I wholeheartedly embraced my true self, unlocking the boundless potential within. Empowered by the decision to prioritize self-love, I not only flourished personally but also became a beacon, inspiring others to craft the lives they yearned for."

Candace Strother, Founder + CEO, QueenLyfe Inc.

Our Mission

QueenLyfe Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to build an empowered community of women and girls through promoting health and wellness, financial responsibility and mentorship.

Our organization has provided resources to increase the quality of life for over 7000+ women (members/ and non-members) through our programming, social media influence, and community outreach initiatives.

Our Vision

 We are fostering a culture of growth and empowerment for women on a global scale. As visionaries, we are expanding the mindset of women to reconnect to their natural birthright as Queens through the power of self-love. QueenLyfe, Inc. will directly impact 1 million women by 2025.

Our Mission

Our Impact


Since 2014, QueenLyfe Inc. has provided resources to increase the quality of life for over 10,000+ women through our programming, community outreach initiatives, and social media influence. 

Based on our data, 95% of our programming participants expressed a true understanding of self-love along with tangible ways to incorporate self-care into their daily lives.

90% of our participants have an understanding of what grounding tools are and how to utilize them in working through emotions.  

85% of our participants understand the power of expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper (journaling), speaking positively about yourself and others.

80% of our participants felt more confident as a result of our mentorship initiative "Project Mona Lisa".

Are you interested in making a powerful impact on the lives of our young women? 

Our Sponsors 

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