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Code Of Conduct


To ensure that donors and prospective donors have full confidence in QueenLyfe Inc. to use donations effectively and for their intended purposes, QueenLyfe Inc. staff and volunteer leadership will:

  • Provide access to the organization’s financial statements upon request.

  • Assure that all contributions are used for the purposes for which they are given;

  • Provide appropriate acknowledgement and recognition;

  • Assure all donations are handled with respect and confidentiality afforded by law, and upon request delete names from mailing lists that QueenLyfe Inc. may share;

  • Respond promptly and accurately to donor questions.

  • QueenLyfe Inc. staff and philanthropic volunteers will practice fundraising with integrity, honesty, and adherence to the absolute obligation to safeguard the public trust.


QueenLyfe Inc. is responsible to its stakeholders that include affiliates, board, donors, and others who have placed faith in our mission, support our goals and work on behalf and with girls and young women.  To uphold this trust we will:

  • Promote good stewardship of QueenLyfe Inc. resources;

  • Refrain from using organizational resources for non-QueenLyfe Inc.. purposes;

  • Observe and comply with all laws and regulations affecting Girls Inc., staff, officers and board members;

  • Ensure open and transparent reporting and fiscal accountability.

  • We will disclose fully the state of our organization, recognizing that power comes from a healthy evaluation of both our strengths and weaknesses and uphold the highest standards of accountability.


At QueenLyfe Inc. we will avoid any conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest.

We will avoid any activity with vendors, grantees, or others that would compromise decisions or the ability to effectively carry out the duties for which we are responsible or that would conflict with the best interest of Queenlyfe Inc.

All gifts, favors, fees or honoraria will be declared except for promotional items or items of nominal value.

We will avoid influencing the selection of staff, consultants and vendors solely on the basis of a personal relationship or nepotism (the favoring of relatives).

Your continuous support is truly appreciated!

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