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Walk for LYFE is on FIRE!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

One Hour- One Saturday- Once A Month!

In conjunction with our health and wellness initiative, QueenLyfe Inc. presents our "Wellness Walk". This events occurs every 3rd Saturday (January-October) and is open to all who need a moment of reconnection and self-care.

Study finds that walking in nature yields measurable mental benefits and may reduce the risk of depression.

In February of 2018, QueenLyfe Inc. launched our "Wellness Walks" in an effort to reduce the emotional shifts and stress caused by the Hurricane Harvey.  Last year we motivated over 150 women to take this moment of connection and reflection. Some of our highlights include being featured on Fox 26, connecting our community with mental health professionals and connecting our participants with fitness trainers who have changed their wellness narratives from unhealthy to fit for LYFE! The Wellness Walk series has been a beautiful journey of sisterhood and honoring ourselves through self-love. This scenic 2.5-mile walk is open to all who need a moment of reflection and self-love. You are encouraged to walk at your pace while connecting with other participants. Special thank you to our health and wellness professionals provided us with LYFE tools throughout this journey.

Are you a wellness professional (physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, spiritual, etc.) who is interested in being featured for this 2019 #WalkForLYFE Series?

Email for more information!

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